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The Real Timer

'Sanctum' movie review

News Well, " Sanctum " is nothing like that, because a) there are five people scurrying around, and b) they're in submerged caverns, not submerged corridors.

'UFO' hovers over Jerusalem

News Wobbly camcorder video footage that appears to show an unidentified flying object hovering over Jerusalem's Temple Mount has become the latest UFO sighting ...

CVS reports lower profits, stock plunges

News CVS has issues in its pharmacy services division where the pricing is under ... said B Kemp Dolliver, analyst with Avondale Partners LLC, in an interview.

8 Reasons Why I Love Helena Bonham Carter

News I'm wearing huge breasts . It's amazing what a corset will do . ... I'm a vegetarian/vegan myself and I prefer men who don't eat meat. I'm a dude.