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The Real Timer

Did anti-Mubarak protesters assault Lara Logan?

News Cairo -- The sexual assault on CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Tahrir Square Friday was an outrage, and I agree with my colleague Richard ...

Review: Neeson Kicks Even More Butt in 'Unknown'

News AP By CHRISTY LEMIRE AP Movie Critic A couple of years ago, Liam Neeson starred as a former CIA agent in "Taken," searching for his kidnapped daughter and ...

Libyan forces take action against demonstrators

News Before the clashes, the authorities had announced that 110 members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group held in Abu Salim were due to be freed yesterday.

Nou or never as Arsenal fight back

News Arsenal 2 Barcelona 1: ARSENAL WOULD not tolerate a remake of the past. They had taken just a draw with Barcelona at home last year before being knocked out ...