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The Real Timer

Deepest Diving Sea Turtle

News Who was the deepest diving sea turtle ? Darwinia was the deepest diving sea turtle out of the group of 25 turtles that were being tracked.

Nintendo 3DS US Launch Titles Announced

News But seeing Street Fighter IV 3D as one of their launch titles gives me hope. The gaming experience should be awesome and even if you turn off the 3D effects ...

FBI: “Bomb & Backpack Heading to Virginia”

News SPOKANE , Wash. - KHQ has learned tonight that Monday's thwarted device is ... Spokane Special FBI Agent Frank Harrill says there's no way to speculate how ...

'American Idol' 2011 Premiere Recap

News And with ' Idol ' icons Simon and Paula both gone, fans and critics started painting the two in the roles of their predecessors early on.