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The Real Timer

Kaboom Town 2010

Chanchal Pal Chauhan, ET Bureau

The basics first: This second generation of series from the German auto giant churns out ... 4799cc engine—zipping you from zero to 100km/ph in 5.3 seconds.

Are we in a heat wave?

HEAT WAVE . Well, what does it really mean. Unfortunately, there isn't any easy, or standard explanation for this. It all depends on where you live.

Retired enforcer Bob Probert dies at 45 | NHL

Retired enforcer Bob Probert , adept with his fists and with a stick in a 16-season career with the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks, ...

The Jake and Vienna interview: Exit sobbing

Vienna said Jake would never find a woman "unless there's a woman out there who literally has no respect for herself and just wants a man to control her.

Hot-dog contest meltdown

05, 2010 07:13AM EDT Chaos broke out at the annual July Fourth hot dog eating contest at New York's Coney Island when six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi ...

// Is Steve Austin The Mystery Raw GM?

On tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, obvious hints were given that the "Mystery GM" was Stone Cold Steve Austin . According to sources within WWE, ...

Knicks land Stoudemire in free agent splash

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Knicks have landed one of the NBA's big-name free agents Amare Stoudemire , the All-Star forward said Monday.

Game review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011

Tiger Woods PGA Tour sits in an interesting position for a sports game. With almost no competition at all to speak of, EA Sports could sit on their laurels ...

SpongeBob Goes Greek!

A week of new SpongeBob episodes kicks off tonight with the special SpongeBob SquarePants: The Clash of Triton (8/7c on Nickelodeon).

UFC 116: Brock Lesnar is Giving WWE Legitimacy

With Brock Lesnar's triumphant return to the octagon and the UFC on Saturday at UFC 116 in Las Vegas, a lot has been written and commentated since his hand ...

Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes New Mummy Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has announced the birth of his secret lovechild and the identity of the baby's mother remains confidential, via his Facebook page.

Back to the Future in July 5, 2010?

Today, the search in the internet is being concentrated on Back to the Future July 5 , 2010 . Yes, many thought that there is a new movie “ Back to the Future ...

Chanel Fantasy Factory PHOTO, VIDEO!

You can leave a response or trackback to this entry Chanel from the Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory has been enjoying quite a lot of searches today.

'The Office' Star Jenna Fischer Marries Lee Kirk

39;The Office' Star Jenna Fischer tied the knot with long time boyfriend Lee Kirk in a private ceremony last weekend. Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk have been ...

Toronto hit by power outage

TORONTO - A power outage left large swaths of Toronto in the dark amid an East Coast heat wave. A fire at a transformer station in Canada's largest city ...

Little Justice hip hop to compete in Vegas

Little Justice was named after Australia's Got Talent grand finalists, western Sydney hip hop group Justice Crewwhich was the brainchild of Jaques' husband ...

Watch Eclipse Movie Online Free

Watch Eclipse Movie Online Free – Twilight Eclipse was released on theater last June 30, 2010. It is a romantic-fantasy film, and is based on “Eclipse” by ...

Israel's Netanyahu Returns To White House

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hoping to restore battered relations with the US when he meets Barack Obama at the White House.