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The Real Timer

Justin Bieber Removes Left Testicle: Christina Perri's Jar of

Tiger Woods' Putter Reignites Groove Debate

News We read with interest the following throwaway quote in one of the major golf magazines regarding Tiger Woods and his switch to the Nike Method putter: ...

Penny Hardaway To Be Back at Miami Heat

News Penny Hardaway a former player of Heat wants to join the trio forces of James, Boch, Wade this coming season after a long break.

“The Boss” George Steinbrenner Dies at 80

News George Steinbrenner , who recently celebrated a birthday on the Fourth of July, passed away two days after another Yankee legend, public address announcer ...

Provocateur Is Perfect

News My favorite agent of Provocateur, PR Sasa Nikolic, invited me down to check out a DJ set by Deadmau5, who many feel is the absolute realio dealio ...

Cats and Old Spice? The man has advice for felines

News Old Spice launched a series of ads featuring former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa as ' Old Spice Guy ', You can see why. The original commercial, 'The Man ...

Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference: The Jokes

News By WSJ Staff Criticism of the new iPhone 4 and its persistent reception problems led Apple to call a press conference today to address the issue.

Inception Review

News Or is Christopher Nolan's new epic Inception simply, as a better writer than I might proffer, 'a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, ...

John Daly rocks the British Open in Paisley pants

News Apparently, they're Daly's lucky pants . And so far in this tournament, his luck appears to be holding. So I guess he's not going to switch to plain black or ...

Nordstrom fans: Start your engines

News But if online searches are any indication, there are an awful lot of people interested in the Nordstrom anniversary sale that starts today.

Pink Falls on Stage, Vows to Return

News quot;Full steam ahead people," Pink tweeted Friday. "No pain, no gain. or is it no brain, no pain? either way, I will be on that stage , even if I have to crawl.

Goldman Sachs agrees record $550m fine

News The American investment bank Goldman Sachs is to pay out $550m (£356m) the largest penalty ever imposed on a Wall Street bank. Though for Goldman it is the ...

Review: Tere Bin Laden

News captured on the show -- with some tweaks in voice, dress and makeup -- could pass off for the dreaded Osama bin Laden , the most wanted man on earth.

Indian rupee to get a special symbol

News NEW DELHI: The Indian rupee will join the dollar, yen, euro and pound with its own symbol . The new currency icon is an amalgam of the character for ''Ra'' ...

FDA Votes Against Vivus' Qnexa

News The FDA panel's vote was based on one-year data on Qnexa . The panelists said that they would prefer data from a longer period of study in order to pass a ...

John Wall vs. Jeremy Lin

News By the end of the game, the crowd had turned on Wall and was cheering for Dallas's Jeremy Lin , the undrafted point guard out of Harvard who scored nine ...